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Achieving Insight
through Art

Information for clients being coached

In a longer-term coaching relationship, we can further develop your authentic identity and purpose as a leader, in your professional and personal life - if indeed this is the direction you wish to follow in taking on a coach. Learning from one healthy aspect of the approach of the original alchemists, our work here is to explore, refine and distil the essence of what you offer to those around you, and your world.

We can use art in all its forms to explore how these insights can be applied - a potentially hugely energising and rewarding process.

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How do we approach this?

At the simplest level, we could use pre-existing images to stimulate insight – picture cards, post cards, magazine images. At the other end of the scale we could actually create art, ranging from emojis, stick figures, rudimentary sketches, right through to realistic images, drawn or painted. With this range of possible outputs, it should be clear that artistic ability is not a pre-requisite!

How does art assist the coaching process?

We’re living in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous:

  • In all this complexity, what’s the ideal solution? 

  • What’s my next career step?

  • How can I deal with this poor work relationship?

Often words and language fail us as we try to interpret and understand what’s happening and what to do about it. Art is powerful as a way to by-pass, or leapfrog the complexity of language. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. Visual images can reveal truths and create insights that at first might not be obvious to us. Then is the time to use words and language to work out possible solutions and actions.

If the use of art as a coaching process intrigues you, get in touch below. 

‘‘What is possible in art becomes thinkable in life.’’

Brian Eno, musician, composer, music producer

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