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Executive Coaching


Coaching leaders to align their purpose and refine their performance in a fast-changing world

Information for clients being coached

How do I achieve this mission? It’s all about working with two important aspects of a leader’s role:

What is your purpose?

The clearer you are on this, the easier to deal with the many dilemmas you will face every day;

How can you boost your performance? You will be facing daily pressure to continually be ‘better’ – deliver greater outputs in the face of competing priorities

How can you achieve alignment? 

My coaching experience has taught me the importance of working with clients to achieve alignment - between what you believe to be your purpose and values, and your behaviour taking place on a daily basis, in your particular environment. Gaining such alignment helps you to achieve authenticity - with people you lead, your peers, your seniors, and those important to you in your personal life.

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Information for buyers of coaching services

The coaching assignment typically begins with a scoping session between me the coach, the sponsoring client and the executive to be coached. The aim is to balance the needs and expectations of the person being coached with the client organisation’s needs and expectations. Assuming the ‘chemistry’ between coach and coachee is right, we contract for a set of between three and six 90 minute coaching sessions, or more if needed. Payment in advance for these sessions is required. A final close-out meeting between the original parties is also held to check on achievement of the coaching objectives.

Examples of my executive coaching work include:

  • Making a confident transition to a more senior role

  • Mastering ‘imposter syndrome’

  • Dealing with difficult work relationships

  • Clarifying future career options and making career decisions

  • Preparing for a high-profile Board presentation or client pitch (with video  feedback)

  • Supporting the client when working through a poor performance trough

  • Preparing for an important negotiation (with video feedback)

  • Using the coach as a sounding board, and to gain perspective, as people in senior roles often feel isolated

‘One day, Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.

‘‘Which road do I take?’’

she asked.

Its response was a question.

‘‘Where do you want to go?’’

‘‘I don't know,’’ Alice answered.

‘‘Then,’’ said the cat, ‘

‘ doesn't matter’’.’

Lewis Carroll, Author

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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